Engagement Platform

Engagement Platform?

EPIC Africa’s Transition Arena sits at the heart of knowledge creation as it brings together stakeholders from e.g. government, civil society, and business to dialogues on how to find spatial, and temporal WEF-optimal strategies. In essence, when, where, and what to invest to enable universal access to modern energy, while at the same time promoting economic growth and sustainable development. Based on their input, the Long-term WEF model for temporal and geospatially specific investment optimization and planning is developed to allow for detailed, model-based integrated assessment and optimization (section 1.3.3). Whereas such a model can produce output results that can serve as the basis for continued dialogue on sustainable development, it is primarily for the system analysts to run. Its complexity and level of detail are not fit-for-purpose for wider stakeholder uptake and use. Therefore, EPIC Africa will build on this detailed model to form a digital engagement tool for non-expert modelers. This tool will be less complex and detailed, but contain the most important stakeholder-identified dynamics and modules, and be packaged into a suitable graphical user interface (GUI).


This sets the stage for a continuous development of the EPIC Africa digital engagement tool beyond this project, and into the future.