Shape the Future and join the EPIC Africa’s Water-Energy-Food Transition Spaces

Do you consider yourself a visionary? Are you able to think abstractly into the future? Are you passionate about discussing and addressing the synergies and trade-offs around the Water-Energy-Food nexus? If so, this is your chance to apply for a spot at the EPIC Africa Transition Spaces in the Volta River Basin and in the Tana River Basin.

What are Transition Spaces?

Transition Spaces, rooted in the Transition Management Framework, act as participatory platforms where a diverse range of stakeholders can come together to tackle complex challenges. In the context of the Water-Energy-Food nexus, these spaces serve as incubators for developing and implementing groundbreaking solutions. These platforms are not just another academic exercise; they are a call to action.

Goals of the Transition Spaces

The primary goal is to facilitate robust dialogue and collaboration among participants, thereby creating a common understanding and shared vision. The aim is to produce real results, from innovative policies to actionable projects, designed to optimize the utilization and management of water, energy, and food resources in the Volta River basin and in the Tana River Basin.

Why Attend?

By joining, you will not only gain important hands-on experience but also have a key role in shaping the future of the Water-Energy-Food nexus in the Volta River basin and in the Tana River basin. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to co-create solutions and network with like-minded individuals who are equally committed to sustainable development.

Save the Dates

Mark your calendars! The first Transition Space meeting for the Tana River Basin is scheduled to take place on the 7th to 8th of February, 2023, in Nairobi. For the Volta River Basin, the inaugural meeting is planned for March/April in the Volta River basin. These initial in-person meetings will set the

 stage for two additional annual meetings, complemented by ongoing online engagements, deepening the discourse and expanding the scope of collective action.

Forge the future today. Enroll now by filling out this brief form. Please note that a phone interview may be required before confirming your participation.

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This project has received funding from the European Union under the Horizon Europe Research & Innovation Programme 2021–2027 (grant agreement no. 101084216).

Date: Thursday, 19th October, 2023

Author: Carlos Guerrero Lucendo (VITO)